Hypnosis For Running Mileage Log Is Back!

Yes indeed, the weekly mileage log is back. It is not the most interesting thing to read, especially if you are not a runner, but it helps me as much as my readers to chart this stuff. This is the third week of my current 18 week training schedule all geared towards running all 4 […]

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New Running Gear and Hypnosis For Running Plans

Hello running friends. Ok, so as of next week, I’ll be back writing about my ongoing training schedules and offering up various strategies, techniques and approaches for advancing running performance using your mind and a psychological approach. In coming weeks, I have also got some very exciting projects to share with you. For now, this […]

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We’re Up and (Hypnosis for) Running Again! Stats, Goals and Motivation Sources Galore!

After I ran Edinburgh marathon 9 days ago, I had 7 full days off running. Despite having two weeks in total off running since the turn of the year due to illness and a few days recovery after London marathon, that is the longest amount of time off running I have had since last September. […]

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Edinburgh Marathon 2015 Race Report

Last week, I travelled to Edinburgh. I flew up on Wednesday night, then taught two classes on the Thursday and Friday. Both classes were very busy and filled with fabulous people, mainly lovely Scottish people, but also a couple of people from Germany, Iceland and Spain. As well as the classes going well, I do […]

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The Joy Of Trail Running…

With London marathon over and done with, my plan has been to prepare for my upcoming ultra marathons by getting out on the trails and running less on the roads and asphalt surfaces.  As a man in his 40s who has been running marathons for over 15 years, I think I owe it to my […]

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The Hypnosis For Running London Marathon Race Report 2015

I’ve been writing about it and going on about it since the start of the year, and just over a week ago was my first marathon of the year and none will be more grand than this one, the 35th London marathon. At the top end the 3 fastest marathon runners of all time were […]

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Motivation To Exercise

When people consider exercising, they often go through that phase of  rationalizing it with themselves. You use that language at times, don’t you? “I ought to start exercising.” “I should do some physical exercise.” “I must get to the gym.“ This sort of language shows that exercise is often something we don’t really want to […]

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Running – Enhanced Endurance

When I was putting this audio track together, I had just got back in the country following my holiday and was just getting back into my running and my training for my next marathon, with a couple of shorter races along the way in the build up too. Since getting back, I had been researching […]

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Installing & Advancing the Runner’s Mantra – Using Hypnosis

First of all, let me kick off with a dictionary definition of what mantra actually is: man-tra Noun 1. (originally in Hinduism and Buddhism) A word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation. 2. A statement that is frequently repeated; a characteristic formula or refrain. Whilst out on a club efforts/intervals session on the […]

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Going That Extra Mile With Exercise

Just before putting this audio track together, I had been watching the Chawner family on Sky Bio once again. They have been dubbed (by the tabloid media mainly) Britains laziest family and Britains fattest family. Apart from being driven mad by the parents and the way they communicate, I watched the recent episode with interest […]

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