Hypnosis for Running Weekly Mileage Log – Plus Running Routes & Equipment Discussion

This past week was a 46 mile week. The largest mileage week of the year so far, but some much bigger ones are on their way, although next week is less miles, it has some faster runs in it which I’ll be talking about in next week’s report. First up this week, this is the […]

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Running Using Our Arms? Using Self-Hypnosis? Explain please Adam.

The main emphasis when it comes to running tends to be on what our legs are doing. I spend a lot of my time teaching clients, students and runners how to put emphasis on what your mind is doing. Today though, I am writing about what your arms are doing too. Over the years, I […]

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Hypnosis for Running Weekly Mileage Log – and Discussion

This was a testing week for me for a number of reasons. 1. I got Manflu. My wife and children have all been suffering, and eventually, I got it too. There was only so much time I could around the house in a gas mask, right? I just got it worse than any other human being […]

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Using Self-Hypnosis To Help Running Performance In Strong Winds

I recall running the Silverstone half marathon a number of years with my brother. A younger, slightly smaller runner ran virtually the entire race 1-2 foot behind us, protecting himself from the wind. I don’t mind helping out other runners, but he tried to sprint past us on the final leg and I have rarely […]

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Hypnosis For Running Weekly Mileage Log and Update

I was teaching last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so spent yesterday trying my hardest to get some time off and catch up in my office. So with only two weeks gone of the new year, I am a day late with my weekly running report. The past week was actually lower mileage than the previous […]

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The 7 Main Reasons I’m Running All 4 Races At This Year’s Bournemouth Marathon Festival

As it says on the tin/in the blog title, I shall indeed be running all four of the Bournemouth marathon festival events one after the other later this year. I’ll run the supersonic 10km race on the Saturday afternoon, then the speed of light 5km race on the Saturday evening. Then early Sunday morning, I’ll […]

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Hypnosis for Running Into 2015

Happy New Year! Hypnosis for running is charged and motoring full steam ahead for 2015. Back in 2012 I ran five marathons in succession, getting personal best times at two of the events. Since then, my running progress has stuttered somewhat. A combination of injuries, illness, becoming a Father twice in quick succession all hampered […]

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Using Self-Hypnosis & Ideomotor Responses To Help Adopt Perfect Running Form

Following on from yesterday’s post about using imagination to advance our running form, as promised here is a simple step-by-step guide to how to use this kind of mental imagery technique when running. Step One: Firstly practice this repeatedly over and over in your mind prior to doing it in reality when you are out […]

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How Is My Mind Helping My Running Form?

The final piece of my recent running evolution has been to examine my running technique. I had formerly seen video footage of myself running and had photos analysed by numerous people as well as spoken to professionals at expo events and in running shops, but never paid a huge amount of deep interest to how […]

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My LCHF Lifestyle Change & How It Is Effecting My Running

Today is one of those blog posts on the Hypnosis for Running blog that is about a subject that is not really my subject to write about…. I am writing about diet. You’ll understand why I am loathed to use the word ‘diet’ at all as you read on… As a hypnotherapist, lecturer, author and […]

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