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Why Running Makes You More Successful

Why Running Makes You More Successful

I had the idea at the end of last year, and I wrote an article about it back in January of this year…. This weekend the idea becomes reality. I am running all 48 miles of the 4 Bournemouth marathon festival races back-to-back. Here is what I wrote on my personal... read more

New Forest Marathon Race Report 2015

Last Sunday saw the return of the New Forest marathon. After a hiatus last year, the event is now run by different people who in the past year have reinvented the New Forest marathon that has been going since the 1980s. I last ran the New Forest marathon back in 2011... read more

The Hypnosis For Running Salisbury 50km Race Report

I was away on holiday for the past week, so was unable to get this report done in the speedy fashion that I usually do. 8 days ago, I ran the Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 50km trail ultra marathon. It takes in 5 rivers, 4 hills (that have their own names), 3 large country... read more