Using Self-Hypnosis & Ideomotor Responses To Help Adopt Perfect Running Form

Following on from yesterday’s post about using imagination to advance our running form, as promised here is a simple step-by-step guide to how to use this kind of mental imagery technique when running. Step One: Firstly practice this repeatedly over and over in your mind prior to doing it in reality when you are out […]

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How Is My Mind Helping My Running Form?

The final piece of my recent running evolution has been to examine my running technique. I had formerly seen video footage of myself running and had photos analysed by numerous people as well as spoken to professionals at expo events and in running shops, but never paid a huge amount of deep interest to how […]

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My LCHF Lifestyle Change & How It Is Effecting My Running

Today is one of those blog posts on the Hypnosis for Running blog that is about a subject that is not really my subject to write about…. I am writing about diet. You’ll understand why I am loathed to use the word ‘diet’ at all as you read on… As a hypnotherapist, lecturer, author and […]

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The Hypnotic Effect and Psychological Use of a Heart Rate Monitor When Running

Among the many features of my beloved Garmin 910 GPS running watch is a heart rate monitor function. I have not used a HRM for many years. When they were fairly new and novel I used them, but did not really apply it in a beneficial manner to aid my training and it was a […]

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Getting My Chunky Legs To Feel Light as a Feather When Running Using Self-Hypnosis

After a seeming hiatus here on the Hypnosis for Running blog, we are back in action. I shall be running London and Edinburgh marathons in the Spring, then a large ultra marathon in the Summer and will then be running all four Bournemouth marathon festival events in the one weekend (5km, 10km, half marathon and […]

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Using Self-Hypnosis and Glove Anaesthesia With a Difference To Overcome Stitch When Running

Last week I was running my intensive hypnotherapy practitioner diploma course for 9 days straight and so this promised article has taken a little longer than originally expected to publish. We spend an afternoon looking at using hypnosis for overcoming pain and then dedicate some time to the medical application of hypnosis using it for […]

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Using Self-Hypnosis to Get Light Legs and Bouncy Feet When Running

Today, I wanted to share a technique that I use at the tail end of my efforts/intervals sessions and throughout a lot of my Sunday long runs. One of the main challenges a runner faces is our response to our body. In particular when running, we have to cope with our legs aching, feeling heavy […]

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Hypnosis for Running: Oxygenate the Blood Better with Self-Hypnosis

My own written focus has been elsewhere recently and my hypnosis for running blog has taken a little bit of a back seat in recent months. However, my training has continued throughout Summer…. I do not really get on well with running in the Summer. I suffer in the heat and yearn for the days […]

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Hypnosis For Running App for Android and iTunes

The ‘Hypnosis For Running’ is now available on iTunes as well as on Google Play. We are selling it as an app at a fraction of the price it has been in our download version. via the app stores I am as passionate about running as I am about hyponsis.  I am really looking forward […]

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Evidence Based Way To Get Motivated To Run

Probably the thing I get asked about the most, is motivation to get out running. As in, how to have more motivation and drive to run regularly, even in the face of self-sabotage and self-distraction. I think many people think I was born with some intrinsic motivational gift that ensures I go out regularly and […]

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